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 im new but im honest! :D

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PostSubject: im new but im honest! :D   Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:55 am

Im new to the server and ill admit i wont be able to be on at all times, but i do know a cheat and lyer when i see one. yesterday there was a hacker on that was offering hacked admin rights, one of the members on was like "yeah sign me up!" and i was like "get out i dont want it, waste your time for all i care but im not taking it" Evil or Very Mad

well heres the basic neccessities for this position:

IGN: well as you can see im Elicatroth.
Full Name: dont want to but i guess ill tell you, my name is Jordan Holder.
How long have i been playing minecraft: well... not to long, but im really good at redstone and know most of the recipes for the stuff, been playing for about 8 months now i think. Very Happy
How long each day do i play on the server: well ive been on for 3 days but i havent found any good server but htis one, ive been playing it for about 4-5 hours a day Very Happy
What have i achieved on the server? i have my own house with a bunch of mines below it, starting a sniping tower on the outside, finding it isnt hard since its right outside the begining city. a small farm, its enlugh though, got some armor, im not super far or amazing at my creations but i enjoy all parts of the game... except being blown up by creepers! : Laughing
Why should i be a moderator: well, i love to play the game right, as i said earlier im honest, and i hate cheaters, never had a good relationship with them, ive also been nice to everyone who comes onto the server, and ive refered them to this cite everytime theres someone on as a guest! (which reminds me, you should update the server to say welcome to the player after he joins, otherwise they dont see anything at all when it welcomes them)

my place is near the MA (mob arena) so you can check out the outside, i locked the door from use by anyone but me Very Happy which shows that i know how to use the server commands as well Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: im new but im honest! :D   Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:51 am

WOW. I really do like this app! And the fact your new is the only thing that lets you down. However im sure that if you make yourself well known on the server, You will be a great condeder for Mod Smile
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im new but im honest! :D
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