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 Redstone Tests

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Redstone Tests Empty
PostSubject: Redstone Tests   Redstone Tests EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 10:05 am

heres some redstone creations i made, i also designed the 9 pin wall that youll have to look for cause i didnt save next to it. it has a password that has to be put in with a certain order, the password is 2496, you cant put it in 2469 though, the 9 unlocks the 6, you also have to press the 2 to unlock the 4, to unlock the 9, to unlock the 6. enjoy Very Happy

i dont know how to upload the file, so if anyone wants it i can email or they can walk me through it Very Happy get back to me soon please! Very Happy

i found out how, but i dont have the pro version of mdiafire so downloads are of each file, so i htink ill have to do something else.

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Redstone Tests
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